Neshaminy High School

Class of 1988  

Reunion Committee is: 

  • Harry Arnold
  • Tracy Disturnell-Mason
  • Dave Carson
  • Sharon Eklund 

There has been some confusion recently about our 30-year reunion; primarily who is on the committee, when and where is the event, etc. In 2013 this committee was formed because there was an outcry for a 25-year reunion and after contacting the previous Committee Chair it was made clear that there was no committee and no event planned. During that reunion you all told us that you wanted to have reunions every 5 years so we planned accordingly by raising additional monies for that purpose. We have continued to maintain a reunion account, a social media presence as well as a website specifically to have a place that we could all meet and keep in contact. It is disappointing that at this time we are unable to combine forces with the other committee but keep the door open for that possibility.

Your input was critical to help us develop the special 30-year reunion event we just announced. We used the surveys posted on Facebook to help guide us. Moving forward we will always use your feedback and suggestions in planning future class of 88' events. 

The committees long-term goal is to fundraise, build support, awareness and provide resources for all things Class of 88'.

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